ACT NOW: Urge Your Local, State, and National Leaders to Welcome Refugees


The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program saves lives, promotes regional stability and global security, and encourages other countries to keep their doors open to people needing protection.  As we face the largest global refugee crisis in recorded history, the U.S. must keep our doors open to refugees who flee persecution.  By doing this, we can uphold our longstanding values of generosity, hospitality, and compassion.

Here’s how you can help make sure this message is heard:

STEP ONE: Click here to look up the phone numbers for your elected officials.

STEP TWO: Call your Members of Congress and Senators and use these suggested talking points to send a clear and succinct message:

  • I’m a constituent from [City, State] and I support refugee resettlement in the U.S. As your constituent, I urge you to welcome refugees and to oppose any legislation that seeks to halt or restrict resettlement or funding for any group of refugees.

  • The refugee crisis is larger than at any point since World War II, with over 65 million refugees and displaced people fleeing persecution around the world. The United States must respond with urgency and compassion for the world’s refugees. We can do that while also maintaining the highest levels of security for our country. It is not an either/or situation.

  • Time and time again, Jews were refugees, fleeing violence and persecution. Like contemporary refugees, Jews became part of the fabric of this country. Guided by our history and the Jewish value of “welcoming the stranger” I urge you to use your unique leadership role to keep America’s door open to refugees and to continue to welcome into our community families fleeing persecution.

  • [NOTE: Feel free to share a personal story about the importance of welcoming refugees to you, your family, your community, your business, etc. Let them know the specific ways that refugees benefit and are welcomed into your community.]

STEP THREE: Share the same message with your state and local officials.  Call your governor, mayor, state legislators, and other officials to let them know that you support welcoming refugees to your community.  Click here to find phone numbers for your governor, state legislators, mayor, and local officials.

STEP FOUR: Let us know about your refugee advocacy by filling out this two-minute survey.

STEP FIVE: Help us to generate as many phone calls as possible. Use the share buttons on this page to ask your family and friends to join you in calling their elected officials.