About the Welcome Initiative

About the Welcome Initiative

Together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Rabbi Joseph Telushkin and Rabbi Nava Hefetz of Rabbis for Human Rights in Jerusalem, and a coalition of faith-based organizations and academic institutions, HIAS has drafted the Affirmation of Welcome, a declaration to strengthen protection for the world's more than 40 million refugees, internally-displaced, and stateless people.

The Affirmation of Welcome is part of UNHCR's response to the call for “… all major religious value systems [to] embrace humanity, caring and respect, and the tradition of granting protection to those in danger [in accordance with their] ancient texts and traditions.” It also follows a proposal for a "code of conduct for clergy" made at the High Commissioner’s December 2012 Dialogue on Protection Challenges to encourage faith leaders to promote welcoming communities and stand against xenophobia.

HIAS has launched The Welcome Initiative to promote the Affirmation within the Jewish community around the world. We hope you'll join us by signing the pledge and supporting our life-saving work.

The Official Affirmation of Welcome
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Affirmation of Welcome Resources
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