Missing People -- C

Canchester, Bernard

In search of the descendants of Bernard Canchester (Concesterov, Concester), who was born in Briceni, Romania between 1900 and 1905. He immigrated to Sao Paolo, Brazil and lived in either Sao Paolo or Rio de Janiero, Brazil. His brother, Samuel, was born in Romania c. 1900 and then immigrated to Detroit, Michigan in 1924. Samuel lived in Detroit until the 1950's, then Los Angeles, California until his death in 1972.

The inquirer is a grandson of Samuel Canchester.

Castellan, Froim

In search of the descendants of Froim Castellan, who lived in the Ukraine before immigrating to the United States in 1902-1904 with his brother. His father, Zalman, died in 1935. Froim's sister stayed in the Ukraine with her parents. She and her brother wrote letters to each other until June 1941.

The inquirer is a son of Froim's sister.

Chanin, Lifsha, descendants of

In search of descendants of Lifsha Chanin nee Feldman, who was born in Ksaverow, Ukraine. She immigrated to the United States in 1910 with her parents and sister Sheine-Golda. The last known address from 1975: 780 Springdale Avenue, East Orange, NJ 07017.

The inquirer is a nephew of Lifsha.

Lifsha Chanin   Lifsha w/ her           Lifsha's son     Lifsha's son w/              Lifsha's
                             daughter &               w/ his family     her granddaughter    granddaughter

Chazan, Basya

In search of descendants of Basya Chazan, who was born in the village of Makarovo, Kiev district, Ukraine, in approximately 1895. Her father’s name was Moisey Rabinovich; her mother’s name was Leah; her siblings’ were: Lev, Yefim, and Ilya. Basya and her husband Jacob immigrated to the United States in 1914. Jacob and Basya had two daughters: Tsilya (1915) and Mary (1925). Basya and Mary visited their relatives in the Ukraine in 1932. Mary married a lawyer and had twin daughters; one of the daughters’ names is Lora.

The inquirer is a daughter of Ilya.


Chudnovsky, Nuhim (Shults[z], Naum)

In search of the descendants of Nuhim Chudnovsky (Naum Shults[z]). Nuhim was born circa 1886, in Rizhin, Ukraine. He arrived in the United States after 1917 and most likely settled in Chicago. He worked as an electrical appliance salesman. Nuhim's father’s name was Moisey.

The inquirer is a niece of Nuhim Chudnovsky.

Cohen (Kogan), Israel

In search of the descendants of Israel Cohen (Kogan). Israel arrived in the United States from the city of Nikolayev, Ukraine circa 1917 with his wife and two children, son Shloma-Zalman and daughter Bruha. The other daughter, Esther, stayed behind with her husband Lev Zhitnikov and their children. The family settled in Chicago, where they owned a shoe factory and a butcher shop. During the famine of the 1930s, the Cohens sent their relatives in Nikolayev packages of food and clothes.

In 1949, an American Marine officer named Kent who was working for an American-Soviet Committee in Tokyo approached his Soviet colleague with a request to find the family Zhitnikov in Moscow. The officer found the Zhitnikovs, but he told them not to contact the foreigners.

The inquirer is a great-grandson of Israel Cohen (Kogan).

Cohen, Shloyma-Zalman or Bruha

In search of the descendants of Shloyma-Zalman or Bruha Cohen, who immigrated to United States from Nicolaev, Ukraine with their mother and father, Rabbi Israel Cohen. The eldest daughter of Israel, Esther, stayed with her husband and children in Nikolaev.

Israel settled in Chicago and later owned his own shoe factory and butchery. In the famine in the 1930's, the Cohen family sent food, clothes, and letters to relatives in Nicolaev, but the connection was later interrupted. David Zitnikov, the son of Esther, moved from Nikolaev to Moscow in 1925, where he got married.

In 1949, an American officer named Kent was involved in a joint American-Soviet military commission in Tokyo. He requested that a Soviet colleague find information regarding David Lvovich Zitnikov. Kent may have been a relative or friend.

The inquirer is a son of David.

Constantine, Ezra or Marcuse

In search of the descendants of Ezra or Marcus Constantine. They arrived together in the United States as young boys from Kiev. Their father was a rabbi. Upon his death, the two boys were sent to Nebraska to live.

The inquirer is a relative of Ezra and Marcus.

Cooperman, Anna

In seach of the descendants of Anna Cooperman, who was born in the Ukraine c. 1885 as Anna Krasnitsky. Her father's name was Srul-Nuchem Krasnitsky; her mother's name was Sura-Riva. She had two sisters: Freda (Krasnitsky) Rosenberg, born c. 1880; and Pesa (Krasnitsky) Perelman.

Anna immigrated to New York around 1912; gave birth to a son in 1926; and lived with her mother through her last communication in 1960. Anna's last known address was 204 Legion Street, Brooklyn, NY. Her sister lived at 15 Gammons Road, Waban, MA.

The inquirer is a granddaughter of Pesa Perelman.

Cristal, Pincus

In search of the descendants of Pincus Cristal, who was born in approximately 1890-1897 in Lodz, Poland. His father’s name was Abraham. He had one brother and six sisters. His mother died in 1918 in Lodz. Two brothers immigrated to the United States in 1918-1922. Two sisters, Yudis and Bashele, immigrated to Russia; the rest of the family stayed in Poland.

The inquirer is a niece of Pincus.

Cukier, Rosa

In search of Rosa Cukier, who was born in Poland in 1926. She was in Hirsch-Bi-Cultural Jewish & French School on Avenue Secretan in Paris, France in 1937. During WWII she was in a refugee camp in Switzerland. Rosa, her husband, and her baby boy immigrated to Canada, the United States, or Australia in 1955.

The inquirer is a friend from school.