Eugenia Brin

Director, Historical Records Task Force Chair

Eugenia Brin recently retired from her job as a scientist working on issues related to climate and weather forecasting at NASA. Along with her family, she resettled in the United States with the assistance of HIAS in 1979.

In addition to her role on the board, she also is the National Chair for myStory, a site where Russian émigrés can share their immigration stories.

Prior to joining the board, Eugenia led HIAS’ archival preservation project, which is focused on preserving the portion of the archives documenting the largest wave of Russian Jewish immigration to the U.S. She believes that “HIAS’ archive is of utmost importance to the Russian Jewish community because it contains our history, and a record of our arrival in the United States. This is something that our children and grandchildren will appreciate when they want to know more about their family history.”

Eugenia is a graduate of the prestigious School of Mechanics and Mathematics at Moscow State University.