Immigrant Records

Reclaim a Piece of Your Personal History

HIAS archives are rich with over 100 years of Jewish history. They chronicle the modern day drama of a people who have migrated throughout the world for centuries.

After the Holocaust, HIAS assisted thousands of Jews to leave a devastated Europe and to find new homes and build new lives in freedom. Working in the displaced persons camps, HIAS helped survivors locate family in the United States, secure visas, and travel to their new homelands.

HIAS archives contain the arrival cards for those individuals and families who migrated from the displaced persons camps to the United States. Those cards can be located and copied as a testament to your family's endurance.

HIAS Immigrant Record Search Request

If you would like a copy of your family's arrival card, please provide the necessary information, to the best of your ability, on either our ENGLISH Arrival Card Request Form or our RUSSIAN Arrival Card Request Form. Every effort will be made to locate the record card and forward a copy to you. However, when working with archival material it is not possible to guarantee a successful search.

Please note: Although HIAS has been in existence since 1881, we have access to HIAS documents from 1909 through today only. If you need information about someone who arrived to the United States with the help of HIAS prior to 1909, we will likely not have related documents.

Please return the completed form to HIAS with a check or money order for $30.00 payable to HIAS. Mail to:

HIAS Location Service
333 Seventh Avenue, 16th Floor
New York, New York 10001-5004 

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Tracking Your Case

If you need further information on your case after applying for our services, please contact Sherly Postnikov (212-613-1352). Our hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday. You also can write to us at the above address.