Larry Schooler

Larry SchoolerLarry Schooler (aka "The Old Schooler") grew up in Houston, went to college in New England, did a stint in North Carolina, and landed in Austin, where he's been "keepin' it weird" for the past 6 1/2 years.

When he's not resolving disputes and encouraging citizen participation in government, he's hanging out with the love of his life (they met in the Negev!), tickling ivories in a tight jazz trio (Three Piece Suit), training for a marathon (what better use for six hours?), watching arthouse indie movies (SOMEONE has to support them), going to history museums (gotta stop making the same mistakes!), and listening to NPR (he has a face for radio).

He recently became part of HIAS Young Leaders and is trying to save the world – one advocacy mission at a time.