Missing People

Our database of missing people might help you re-establish contact with relatives or friends you lost track of long ago.

Please contact HIAS if you think you are the person we are trying to locate, if you might belong to their family, or if you have any information regarding the family in question. We will make sure that information from both sides is relevant and, with the permission of both parties, we will help to bring you together. The consent of both parties is required for establishing contact.

If you are unsure about your decision to make contact with an inquirer listed below, please do not hesitate to contact the HIAS Location Service. We will provide any additional background information available to us; we may also contact the inquiring party in order to obtain further information.

If you are looking for a missing individual, learn how you can initiate a HIAS Location Search.

Click on a letter below to read the profiles of missing people. They are organized by last name (when known).

Please note that spellings of last names are approximate and may have changed over time. We advise that you search for variants of the names for which you are looking (e.g., Kohan, Cohen, Cohn).

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