Missing People -- D

Danilevich, Meyer

In search of the descendants of Meyer Danilevich, who was born in a village of Glembokes, Belorussia in 1892 and immigrated in the United States in 1907-1912. His father’s name was Solomon and his mother's name was Chava. Meyer’s last communication with the Russian side of the family took place in 1943, when the family - at that time in the midst of evacuation from Samarkand, Uzbekistan - got letters and packages from the Danilevich family through JOINT.

The inquirer is a nephew of Meyer

Dannik, Michail and Arkadiy

In search of Michail Dannik and his brother Arkadiy or their descendants. Michail was born in 1919 in Neshev, Poland. He was a tailor by occupation. His father's name was Nisson. In 1939, Michail and Arkadiy escaped to Russia and were later drafted to the Polish Army. The last letter they sent was in 1944.

The inquirer is a friend who the brothers helped a great deal during their time in Russia

Davidson, Herman

In search of Herman Davidson, born in Boston in 1926. His mother Rachel (Ruhle) Royter immigrated to the United States from Balta in the Odessa district, Ukraine with her sister Busya Royter in 1920. She married Leyzer Davidson. In addition to their son, Herman, they had two daughters, Mildred (born 1921) and Peisya (born 1923).

The inquirer is a cousin of Herman