Missing People -- L

Leibman, Boris & Gregory




In search of descendants of two brothers, Boris and Gregory Leiberman, who were born circa 1902-1906 in Russia. They immigrated to the United States in the beginning of the 1930s; their father Abraham (Aurum) and sister Bronya stayed in Russia. The last known address is Germantiy Street, Philadelphia, in 1945. One of the brothers had daughter; the second has a son and a daughter.

The inquirer is a daughter of Bronya.

Leikin, Moses

In search of the descendants of Moses Leikin, who was born in Mitkowka village, in the Gomel region, in approximately 1890. His father’s name was Josef (born 1853); his mother’s name was Maria (born 1853). He immigrated to the United States in 1911.

The inquirer is his nephew.

Lensky, Avrum

In search of the descendants of Avrum Lensky’s brother. Avrum was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1906 or 1907 with his wife, Riva, and brother (name unknown). He died in 1936 or 1937 in Philadelphia, and Riva died in 1953 or 1954. Riva and Avrum had four children who lived and died in Ukraine.

The inquirer is a granddaughter of Avrum Lensky.


In search of the descendants of Lerner, who was born in Minkovzie, Kamenetz-Podolsk Region in 1896 or 1897. He had a brother, Mendel; niece, Hester (Fira); and nephew, Motl.

The inquirer is a grandson.

Lerner, Abram

In search of the descendants of Abram Berkovich Lerner. Abram was born in Mogilev - Podolskiy, Vennetsk district, Ukraine circa 1890-1892. His father's name was Beirl Lerner; his mother's name was Hona. His sister, Beila, was born in Podolskiy sometime between 1888 and 1890. Abram's siblings immigrated to the United States in 1918 and sent money to their mother until her death in 1940. Their father died in 1932.

The inquirer is a relative.

Lesch, Ita (descendants of)

In search of the descendants of Ita Lesch (married name), who divorced her husband, Froim Lesch, and immigrated to the United States sometime around 1906-1910. She left behind her daughter, Feyga, who was born in 1903.

The inquirer is a granddaughter of Feyga.

Froim & Ita Lesch             Feyga Lesch
Froim & Ita Lesch     Feyga Lesch 

Lindenfeld, Chaim

In search of the descendants of Chaim Joseph Lindenfeld, who was born in Warsaw, Poland on July 6, 1916. His father’s name was Abram Lindenfeld; his mother’s name was Chiffra Wartman. He arrived in Belgium in 1946 from Buchenwald and then left Belgium in June or July 1949. From 1949 to 1972 he was in Israel. His whereabouts after 1972 are unknown. He was married to Masha.

The inquirer is a grandson of Chaim.

Lipovetski, Velve

In search of the descendants of Velve Lipovetski, who was born in approximately 1893-1897 in the village Verhovki, in the Tulchinsky district, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine. His father’s name was Moisha; his mother’s name was Molka. He immigrated to the United States sometime between 1917 and 1920 and resides in Chicago, IL. He had three children: Rachel, Asya, and Avreiml. All his family stated in Ukraine, including his siblings: Haim, Motl, Iankel, Avrum, Anyuta, Khana, and Freida.

The inquirer is a son of Anyuta.

Litman-Ginsberg, Yeruhim-Girsh

In search of Yeruhim-Girsh Litman-Ginsberg or his descendants. Yeruhim-Girsh was born in 1914 in Przemysl (Pshemysl), which was then Poland.

The Litman family consisted of 5 people. Father Marcus, mother Sarrah, and their youngest son, Pinchas, were killed by the Nazis in 1941. In 1948, Yeruhim-Girsh was known to live in Italy, in one of the UNRA camps for displaced persons.

The inquirer is a brother of Yeruhim-Girsh.

Liv, Shalom

In search of the descendants of Shalom Livshitch, who was born in Budonech, Starodorozhskiy district, Byelorussia, where he worked as a doctor. His father's name was Heme Livshitch; his mother's name was Ente. He had three children, including a daughter named Asia. Shalom immigrated to the United States sometime before 1917.

The inquirer is a cousin of Shalom.

London, Marvin

In search of Marvin London. Marvin was born in 1920 in Brooklyn, New York.

His parents are Samuel London and Sophia London (maiden name, Dorman). Sophia Dorman immigrated to the United States sometime in 1910 or 1911 and married Samuel London.

Their last known address was from 1950: 616 10th Avenue, Brooklyn NY.

The inquirer is Marvin's cousin.

Lubhanova, Hanna

In search of the descendants of Hanna Lubhanova, who was born on September 27, in either 1937 or 1938. Her father's name was Haim. She married Ruben (born in 1937) and gave birth to two sons, Valery (born in 1964) and Oleg (born in 1966). Hanna's sister, Sofia, lives in Israel with her husband, Ura, and daughter, Marina. The Lubhanov family left Baku, Azerbaijan in 1991 and moved to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

The inquirer is a friend of Hanna.