Missing People -- N

Ninburg, Faiverst

In search of descendants of Faiverst Ninburg, was born approximately in 1887 in Russia. His father's name was David; his mother's name was Seina-Sarah; Sibling name were Aaron, Mulya, Manya Levine, Rosa Dynkin, Vera Shikovich. All family immigrated to the United States in 1905-1920 left behind in Russia two sons: the oldest Michail (1880-1932) and Jacob (... - 1842).

The inquirer is a son of Michail

Nodel, Rochel

In search of Rochel Nodel was born in Kishinev, Moldova approximately in 1894. Her father’s name was Hershel; her mother’s name was Mirel. She immigrated to the United States in February 1913 and resided in Boston, Massachusetts. Her sister Sore joined her in December 1913. They left behind in Moldova their siblings: Mindel, Chaim, Itzek, Reven, and Ita.

The inquirer is a daughter of Mindel

Noim, Nathan-Zeleg -- descendants of

In search of descendants of Nathan-Zeleg Noim, who was born in approximately 1864 in Belorussia. He immigrated to the United States with his brothers Chaim (b. 1860) and Benjamin (b. 1870) in 1900. Anna, the daughter of Chaim, who stayed in Belorussia, visited them in 1936. Attached is the picture of Herman's sister, Ariadna's aunt and Shaya's niece, Anna Noim, when she was visiting the Noims/Newman/Neimans in the U.S. (exact spelling unknown).

The inquirer is a granddaughter of Chaim

Notis, Minna

In search of descendants of Minna Notis (Saksonova), was born in 1906 in Ukraine. She had three sisters Miriam, Risya, Rohl and one brother Afroim. Afroim Saksonov was married to Riva Dulkina. Before Second World War II Minna got married and gave birth to son (he should be now a doctor). She lived in the cities of Novgorod-Seversk, Gluchov, and Summay.

Mina Notis with her son moved to America after Second World War II, possible in 1947. She lived in New York or in Philadelphia and wrote letters to Riva Saksonov-Dulkin, but in 1951-1952 Riva burnt down all letters. She married on the second time and moved to Detroit. She died in 1994.

The inquirer is a niece of Minna