Missing People -- O

Olson, Sol (descendants of)

In search of the descendants of Sol Olson, aka Olitsky, of Daugavpils, Latvia. He immigrated to the United States with his brother and mother in 1920. His brother Gregory stayed in Daugavpils because of sickness and never came to the United States. The last known address of Sol was: 162 East 4th Street, New York, NY.

The inquirer is a son of Gregory.




Sol Olson

Opatowska, Helen (spelling uncertain)

In search of Helen Opatowska (spelling uncertain). Helen is a survivor of the Lodz Ghetto and Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In 1946, Helen was 11 years old and found herself in a Displaced Persons camp near Frankfurt.

The inquirer is the Yiddish-American Radio.

Ostapowicz, Pavel (descendants of)

In search of the descendants of Pavel Ostapowicz, who was born in 1889 in Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine. His father’s name was Roman; his sisters’ names were Anna, Yulia, and Antonina. He went to Germany in 1942 with his sons Nicolay and Tadeusz and immigrated to the United States after WWII. He left behind his wife Vera and son Roman. In America he had another family and one more daughter. Pavel passed away in 1965.

The inquirer is a daughter of his sister Anna.

Pavel and Vera Ostapowicz, with children Pavel Ostapowicz Pavel & Anna Ostapowicz Ostapowicz family Ostapowicz brothers