Missing People -- W

Waisburd, Izik

In search of descendants of Izik Waisburd, was born approximately in 1872 in Zmerinka or Branlow, Ukraine. He immigrated to the United State in 1903-1905 with his wife Ruchla and son Yakov, leave behind them two daughters Bluma and Lyuba.

The inquirer is a grandson of Izik

Weinstein, Louis (a.k.a. Hurin, Leiba)

In search of the descendants of Louis Weinstein (a.k.a. Leiba Hurin). Louis was born c. 1900, in Kraslava, Latvia. He arrived in the United States c. 1920-1925. Accompanying family members include: Khasya (sister), Yeil (brother), and Ilia (brother). Luis and his wife, Lillie, had two children, a son born c. 1935 and a daughter born c. 1939.

Their known addresses were:
In 1956: 137 W. 169th St., The Bronx; In 1966: 165 W. 169th St., The Bronx; In 1974: 8635 208 St, Queens Village, NY 11427 (their last letter was mailed from this address)

The inquirer is a grand-nephew of Louis

Weiss, Vera

In search of Vera Weiss (Veisz), was born in Ujrideka, Hungary (now Cnovi Sad, Serbia) in 1929. She was a student at the “Polgari Ifkola” Catholic High school for Girls in 1943.

The inquirer is a friend

Weissman, Frederick

In search of descendants of Frederick Weissman was born in California. His father Yona immigrated to the United States in the begging of 20 century from Kagul, Moldova (Bessarabia). Frederick drafted in U.S. Air Force during WWII and was stationed in England during 1944-1945. He was flying from England to Poltava, Ukraine and back bombing the Germans.

The inquirer is a cousin of Frederick

Weissman, Leah

In search of descendants of Leah Weissman, was born in village Kamennyi Brod, Baranovskiy district, Zhitomirskaya Oblast, Ukraine approximately in 1880-1890. Her father’s name was Josef; her mother’s name was Rachel Vinokur. Leah with her daughter Busya immigrated to the United States in the beginning of 1920’ while her son Zeiliq stayed in Russia.

The inquirer is a relative

Wigdorovich, Sholom

In search of descendants of Sholom Wigdorovich, was born in 1874 in Ukraine. He immigrated to the United States with two daughters from Snovsk in 1913. One of the daughters was married and has last name Potapovskaya. His wife and three more children: Victor, Asya, and Sima left in Snovsk, because WWI began and they couldn’t arrive to the United States.

The inquirer is a son of Victor

Wojskunsky, Hirsh

In search of Hirsh Wojskunsky. Hirsh immigrated to the United States from Stare Swienciany, Lithuania between the First and the Second World Wars. His sister Batia stayed in Swienciany, married, and later perished with her husband and elder son during the Holocaust.

The inquirer is a nephew of Hirsh

Wyshinovski, Teve

In search of descendants of Teve Wyshinovski, born approximately in 1880-1890 in Surazh, Bryanskai district, Russia. His father’s name was Israel; his mother’s name was Genya. He immigrated to the United States in 1914 with his wife Stesha. They had four children: Avrum-Icha, Yankel, Sara, and Seil.

The inquirer is a niece