Missing People: Z

Zabludowsky, Rafael (descendants of)

In search of descendants of Rafael Zabludowsky, who was born in Bialystok or Zabludovo, Poland in approximately 1900 to 1905. His father’s name was Hirsh. Rafael immigrated to the United States from Kishinev in about 1935 with his wife and son Georg.

The inquirer is a relative.

Zaks, Velvl and Moshe (descendants of)

In search of descendants of Velvl Zaks and his brother Moshe. Moshe and Velvl were born around 1860 to 1864 in Olevsk, Zhitomirskaya and Gubernia, Ukraine. They arrived in the United States sometime around 1885 to 1890. Their father’s name was Avrum-Khaim; their mother's name was Doba.

The inquirer is a nephew of Velvl and Moshe.

Zibulsky, Menasche (descendants of)

In search of descendants of Menasche (Marcos) Zibulsky, who was born in Odessa, Ukraine in approximately 1877. He emigrated from Odessa to La Plata, Argentina in 1906 with wife Ester and son Berko (born in 1905). They lived in JCA colonies and then moved to Buenos Aires.

Berko (Robert/Bob) immigrated to the US with his wife Maria Elena in 1923 and resettled in upstate New York. Berko was with his wife and daughter Ellen or Helen (they called her Elinka) visiting Argentina around 1954. Berko had brothers named Benjamin and Samuel.

The inquirer is a niece.

Zilberman, Perez (descendants of)

In search of descendants of Perez Zilberman, who was born in Baimaclia, Bessarabia between 1884 and 1887. He immigrated to Romania between 1909 and 1913. His father's name was Gedoly; his mother's name was Haiya-Lea. He had four children: two girls and two boys. His oldest son was named Srul.

The inquirer is a niece of Perez Zilberman.