Hurricane Sandy Relief: New York Opportunities

Posted by Mark Hetfield on Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 14:23 pm

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there still are thousands of people without heat, water, or electricity, many from the Russian-speaking, Jewish communities in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey. There is a desperate need for donations, supplies, and volunteers. Below are some ways you can assist with Hurricane Sandy Relief in the New York area.

UJA Federation of New York

  • Donate or volunteer supplies or your time to help those in need through the UJA Federation of New York.


Donate or Distribute Supplies

  • The Shorefront Y is looking for donations of water in 1 gallon jugs and nonperishable food. They also are seeking volunteers to distribute blankets, heating pads, food, and water. If you are volunteering, please bring a backpack and flashlight for your use.
    LOCATION: Supplies can be dropped off at the Shorefront Y, 3300 Coney Island Avenue
    CONTACT: Yevgeniy Klig, 917-744-2600
  • Volunteers are needed to assist residents in the Warnbass buildings by stacking the Community/Command Center with food, drinking water, and other necessary supplies. Many stores are not operational in the neighborhood so there is a need to provide some access to basic needs, such as warm meals, water, and some canned food to go.
    LOCATION: 2770 West 5th

Visit Displaced Seniors & Distribute Supplies

  • About 600-700 seniors did not evacuate and are stranded in Far Rockaway, living through this week's snow storm without electricity or heat. They also need food, water, blankets, batteries and flashlights, as well as any way to get the news from the outside.
    LOCATION: 7-11 Seagirt Avenue
  • Volunteers are needed to visit Russian-speaking seniors at the Brooklyn Armory, most of whom were evacuated from Far Rockaway. Various general shelter support duties also are needed.
    CONTACT: Ken Soloway, 347-415-3868.

Jamaica Hospital's Mobile Clinic

  • Spread the word about Jamaica Hospital's mobile clinic, which has the capacity to evaluate patients, prescribe medications, and provide basic treatments. There are four doctors, one nurse, and one medical assistant, plus a few EMTs. A Russian-speaking doctor also is available.
    LOCATION: 85th and Rockaway Beach Avenue

Check the COJECO spreadsheet

  • The COJECO spreadsheet and accompanying map are tracking the exact building addresses and residents who require continued assistance. If you are looking to volunteer, this is a guide for where to go and how to help. It also lists where donations are being accepted. If you have been volunteering and have additional information, please add it to the spreadsheet!

Resources from the Mayor's Office

You also can find additional information on resources available to New York City residents at, including information on the partnership between the City of New York and Airbnb to provide free housing to those displaced by the storm.


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