"Were it not for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, there might be no Google."

Posted on Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 23:14 pm

That was the lead sentence of the news feature in this past Sunday's New York Times about Sergey Brin's generous gift to HIAS, which created an avalanche of news coverage about HIAS. Stories appeared throughout the world from TechCrunch and TechFlash to Daily Finance and Luxist to the Jerusalem Post. Even the Calcutta Telegraph reported the news. And JTA moved a brief, a blog, and a feature.

Online activity was also extremely high – from bloggers (including Sergey Brin, himself) to Twitter, Facebook, and DIGG. The TechCrunch story alone was retweeted 308 times (the NYTimes does not publish the number of retweets).

In addition, we timed the hard-launch of our new Web site to coincide with the wave of attention from this story. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, more than 1,000 online readers of the NYTimes story clicked through the HIAS hyperlink to check out HIAS and our new Web site.

It is safe to say that more people learned of HIAS' work this week than during any other single week in the organization's history. And there's more to come!

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