HIAS CEO Gideon Aronoff resigns

Posted on Thu, May 17, 2012 at 17:53 pm

The JTA yesterday reported the resignation of HIAS' President and CEO Gideon Aronoff.

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Posted by Luka on December 24, 2012 at 1:01 pm

metroi'm GLAD you're not living in a place where you are not oemhwrelevd by illegal immigrantsin northern new jersey, we areand many of them are not real nice guys, to live next toand the ones that are, still live in unspeakable conditions, in vans, basements, and filthy hovelsmany are blackmailed, even by one anotherthey seperate themselves from a true indigenous culture which is their birthright, come here and absorb the worst elements of oursdrug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution are all rampant, and their right to a family life in mexico is forfeited, while being resented and hated heremetrodorus, there is a whole underclass of these folks, the cops are ordered to stand down, and conditions ARE deterioratingthe working class is manipulated into thinking conservatism is their friend, because they oppose this, when in reality, they do nothing and have no intention of doing anythingperhaps an older quebecois relative can explain the feudalism of the seigneurs, and how the "little people" were held back until the quiet revolution, and you can draw a parallel of the tragedy of people uprooted from their ancestral homes because of discrimination and lack, and the situation of the mestizo in mexico todaysecure borders and the relinquishing of sovereignity are not vague philosophical concepts, they guarantee our progress and movement as a society, pure and simpleit's not as pat as "oh, let's just have one happy, open, utopian world world, for (hint) who exactly shall GOVERN this unbridled, unrestricted pleasure dome of a planetpopulation shifts and illegal immigration are a world issue, but america must stand up as a world leader for once and address it's OWN population and security issues first, before pretending to be able to bring "freedom" to other homelands, it's just common sense