Letter from New York: Lifting the Lamp Again

Posted on Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 17:31 pm

The April issue of Hadassah Magazine features an article by Gideon Aronoff, in which he discusses the history of immigration in America and the challenges facing today's efforts for comprehensive immigration reform.

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Posted by Rubel on December 24, 2012 at 1:38 pm

"There is no clear group with power that finds the situation suiflcfentiy bad to do anything about it...""Our economy would be wounded without undocumented workers...""Because we are all benefiting from it...""I don't see policies ever being put in place that would alleviate the situation, because they are all not viable politically...""That ain't gonna happen because many people in the U.S. have irrational fears of Latinos...""...our corporate overlords really need the cheap labor..."metro, these excuses are fine and good if they are coming from just some guy on the streetunfortunately, they are coming from the very people our tax dollars PAY to address these very issues...this is unacceptablewe understand bush is a globalist, we understand clinton is one as wellwe realize fully that the dems will do no better than the rethugs at performing their job duties and responsibilitiesso we will use the issue as a catalyst for change, while simultaneously working to resolve the issue itselfi am an american citizen and feel absolutely no need for my elected american officials to hold the needs of a foreign nation over the needs of my own (whether it be mexico, saudi arabia, israel, or wherever)a key hallmark to the onset of fascism has been, and will continue to be, conscious acquiescence to injusticei assure you that, if this situation is not addressedand conditions continue to deteriorate, the american peoplewill NOT forget who caused it, and who stood by and watchedthis i promise