Renew amendment to help religious refugees

Posted on Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 18:30 pm

The San Antonio Express News just posted an op-ed by Judy Lackritz, who recently served as the Acting Director of HIAS' Washington office and is the Community Relations Director of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. She discusses her involvement with HIAS and her work on the Lautenberg Amendment, which expires on September 30th.

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Posted by Renata on December 24, 2012 at 11:57 pm

thank you for reminding us, capwe shall reocfus our vitriol on you, since you asked nicelybrian (sigh)from what vaunted hall of knowledge have you gathered the notion that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is a "left-wing activist" organization?now, dobbs is hardly a liberalbut i like him anywayhe's willing to tackle the illegals problem in a way no neocon has seen fit to doand that's SUPPOSED to be your big thing, no? never was and never will be...the bush crime family and their faithful (few) are committed globalistsand newsom would appear to simply be governing according to the wishes of his constituencyi don't particularly like his position, but he's stood up for other prickly issues before, and appears at least to have some principlesacknowledging these simple facts and THEN moving forward would go a long way towards you, brian, establishing yourself as a meaningful commentator, pundit, and even worthy catalyst for positive change on the illegals issueknowing your benefactors, though, we won't hold our breath