HIAS in Chad

The vast majority of refugees in Chad are Darfuris who have fled Sudan and live in overcrowded camps along the Chad-Sudan border. HIAS is the only Jewish organization working on the ground in refugee camps in Chad. We provide trauma counseling and social services in 12 of the country’s 13 refugee camps in Eastern Chad, helping those who have fled persecution and genocide to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. 

Legal Protection
HIAS is dedicated to the safety of refugees and ensuring that they know their rights and have access to legal aid. These rights include preserving families in refuge, as well as the right to work, to access medical attention, and to an education for their children – all the things that help them to maintain their human dignity.

Psychosocial Care
HIAS implemented a flagship community mobilizer program to identify and provide assistance to those who continue to be vulnerable, including women who are targeted for sexual and gender-based violence and children who have trouble coping with the violence they’ve witnessed. This cadre of Sudanese workers who live in the camps ensures additional support for those at highest risk of exploitation and those who have already been preyed upon and need protection and care.

The community mobilizers establish public education programs to address issues both within the community and problems that originate from the host community to create safety and dignity for all. 

Entrepreneurship and other vocations are crucial to people who live in refugee camps dependent on foreign aid. The ability to regain a means of self-sufficiency restores dignity and discourages young men from joining conflicts. HIAS’ livelihood programs help refugees recover from trauma and take control of their lives. Self-reliance one of the best ways to rebuild a society and enable it to flourish in exile. 

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