HIAS in Uganda

HIAS provides services for particularly vulnerable refugees in Kampala, Uganda who reside in urban settlements rather than in refugee camps. This includes single women, unaccompanied minors, and minority groups.

An estimated 75,000 of the more than 400,000 refugees in Uganda live in urban areas. Many of them are survivors of torture and/or sexual and gender-based violence. Our focus is to provide safe environments for refugees in which they can stabilize, heal, and rebuild their lives. 

Legal Protection
HIAS operates programs for refugee and host communities to ensure that the right to security is respected by all. HIAS has a particular focus on the most vulnerable refugees. Many of our clients in Kampala are at heightened risk due to social stigma and isolation. This includes single women, unaccompanied minors, and minority groups. Without international aid, many live on the margins of society struggling to survive. HIAS focuses on providing safety to these individuals and, for those at greatest risk, we facilitate resettlement to a third country such as the United States or Canada.

Psychosocial Care
HIAS provides therapy in individual and group settings and social assistance that may include emergency safe housing, food assistance, and medical referrals, all of which are facilitated through home visits from social workers. HIAS is known for our work preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence. In Uganda we also assist men who are survivors of rape and violence, a group that is often overlooked in humanitarian programs.

Self-sufficiency is crucial to helping people overcome trauma and regain their dignity. HIAS is expanding our programs to provide vocational training and employment assistance and to help refugees identify opportunities to build small businesses. Helping refugees establish livelihoods gives them the opportunity to heal, stabilize, and rebuild their lives. 


Download a Factsheet on HIAS' work in Uganda