• What Does the President’s Budget Mean for Refugees?

    Feb 09, 2016

    Even though it may feel like 2016 has just begun, the federal appropriations process for 2017 is already underway. President Obama revealed his budget request today, and deep within the charts and appendices lies his plan for refugees.
  • Aviva’s Bake Sale

    Feb 08, 2016

    "Even though I am only 9 years old, unfortunately I know about not such great things happening in the world. My parents told me about the war in Syria and about how there are many refugees not just coming from there. I did some research and really wanted to help," Aviva wrote.


  • Times of Israel: The Rabbi Who Rallies American Jews for the Global Refugee Cause

    Feb 07, 2016

    "The Syrian refugee crisis keeps Rabbi Jennie Rosenn up at night. However for her, the worry goes beyond personal concern to professional responsiblity. As the relatively new vice president for community engagement at the refugee assistance organization HIAS, she is tasked with mobilizing the American Jewish community in the face of the world’s largest refugee situation since World War II."
  • Baltimore Jewish Times on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Feb 01, 2016

    The Baltimore Jewish Times ran a story by reporter Melissa Gerr about the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis on January 29, 2016. The story quotes HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield, who told Gerr, "if people are committed to protect refugees just because they look like they do or worship like they do, that won’t really lead to anybody being protected. So we have to stand up for everybody.”


  • Statement to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration & Border Security

    Feb 04, 2016

    HIAS submitted the following statement into the Congressional Record for the House Judiciary Committee's Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee hearing on Central American migrants on February 4, 2016.
  • Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Refugee Resettlement

    Oct 01, 2015

    HIAS has welcomed refugees to the United States as new Americans for more than 130 years. As a Jewish-American organization, HIAS is acutely concerned both with the imperative to rescue refugees and to protect the security of our country. As Jews, we support policies that fulfill the Torah's mandate to 'welcome the stranger,' as we know that effective resettlement policies make the difference between life and death, between oppression and the opportunity for success.

Press Releases

  • HIAS Responds to Blocking of the American SAFE Act in the Senate

    “This bill was always about politics, not about safety. Refugees in general, and Syrian refugees in particular, are already the most vetted non-citizens who enter our country. This bill would effectively shut down the U.S. refugee resettlement program, not improve it. Such a move would be especially unconscionable at a time of unprecedented global displacement, and I’m relieved that the Senate has declined to pursue it further.”

  • HIAS Responds to U.N. Helping U.S. Screen Central American Migrants

    “With the launch of this new partnership, the Obama Administration has made clear that it recognizes that the epidemic of violence in Central America demands an international response. By working with the U.N. refugee agency to help people apply for protection from within the region, the U.S. can potentially save thousands of lives. However, it raises the question of how the administration can justify its stated plans to continue to deport people back to these countries, despite evidence that many are removed without adequate chance to pursue their asylum claims or sufficient legal assistance. Deporting people who may have legitimate asylum claims back to some of the most violent places on the planet is not only a violation of our values, it potentially places the U.S. in violation of international law.”