Staff Listing

Board of Directors

Staff Leadership

  • Mark Hetfield

    President and CEO

  • Sussan Khozouri

    Senior Vice President

  • Francine S. Stein

    Senior Advisor

  • Farhan Irshad

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Melanie Nezer

    Vice President, Policy and Advocacy

  • Rabbi Jennie Rosenn

    Vice President, Community Engagement

  • Riva Silverman

    Riva Silverman

    Vice President, External Affairs

  • Aaron Gershowitz

    Associate Vice President, Global Programs Operations

  • Rachel Levitan

    Associate Vice President, Global Programs Strategy and Planning

  • Mike Mitchell

    Associate Vice President, U.S. Programs

  • Rui Lopes

    Senior Director, Information Technology

  • Stacie Merle McCray

    Senior Director, Grants Management and Compliance

  • Harvey Paretzky

    Senior Director, U.S. Programs Operations

  • Bill Swersey

    Senior Director, Communications and Digital Media

  • Tanya Weithers

    Senior Director, Human Resources and Administration

  • Merrill Zack

    Senior Program Director, Community Engagement


  • Ahmed Abdalla

    Program Associate, Pre-Arrival

  • Yalda Afif

    Case Manager, HIAS New York

  • Alexandra Arshavsky

    Employment and Volunteer Services Coordinator, HIAS New York

  • Tharindu Athauda

    Office Administrator, Silver Spring

  • Phillip Bailey

    Program Associate, Pre-Arrival

  • Sara Bedford

    Program Manager, Refugee Resettlement

  • Sarah Beller

    Community Engagement Director, Greater Washington, DC

  • Carolyn Bello

    Director, Planning and Budget

  • Frank Boccovi

    Director, Finance and Accounting

  • Johnny Burton

    Technical Support Specialist, Information Technology

  • Isabel Burton

    Program Specialist, Community Engagement

  • Gabe Cahn

    Communications Specialist

  • Preet Chinna

    Travel Loans Coordinator

  • Igor Chubaryov

    Program Manager, HIAS New York

  • Kimberly Cohen

    Director, Major Gifts

  • Cristal Cole

    Human Resources and Administration Manager

  • Keith Combs

    Program Manager, Economic Inclusion

  • Devon Cone

    Field Coordinator, Durable Solutions

  • Shakira Dale

    Web Developer

  • Dinah Degady

    Development Associate

  • Janna Diamond

    Program Associate, Community Engagement

  • Lisa Dietz

    Director, Latin America

  • Melonee Douglas

    Director, Africa and Eurasia

  • Shari Edelstein

    Institutional Development Manager

  • Gabriella Feingold

    Special Assistant to the Vice President, Community Engagement

  • Isaac Flegel-Mishlove

    Special Assistant to the President and CEO

  • Cristy Garris

    Director, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer

    Education Director, Community Engagement

  • Martine Guerrier

    Global Grants and Compliance Officer

  • Lisa Habersham

    Program Manager, HIAS New York

  • Stephanie Hairston

    Grants Program Coordinator

  • James Hauser

    Grants Compliance Coordinator

  • Meagan Hume

    Program Assistant, U.S. Programs

  • Alberto Infante

    Financial Coordinator

  • Susan Kenney-Pfalzer

    Program Manager, Refugee Resettlement

  • Natasha Kirk

    Staff Attorney

  • Rebecca Kirzner

    Campaigns Director, Community Engagement

  • Tatyana Kogan

    Resettlement Coordinator, HIAS New York

  • Ellen Kotik

    Technical Support Associate, Information Technology

  • Jina Krause-Vilmar

    Director, Economic Inclusion and Gender

  • Gene Lemire

    Associate Director, Travel Loans

  • Liza Lieberman

    Director, Advocacy and Outreach

  • Myat Lin

    Program Manager, Refugee Resettlement

  • Rebecca Litt

    Special Assistant to the Vice President, External Affairs

  • Jenna Magee

    Program Associate, Refugee Resettlement

  • Elizabeth Mandelman

    Associate Director, Advocacy

  • Samantha May

    Finance and Accounting Associate

  • Rachel Mayer

    Special Resettlement Project Coordinator, HIAS New York

  • Lois McAllister

    Database Administrator, Development

  • Sabine McMullen

    Director, Special Fundraising Campaigns

  • Hayford Mensah


  • Alexander Mero

    Planning and Budget Specialist

  • Bea Michaud

    International Grants and Compliance Officer

  • Aleksander Milch, Esq.

    Senior Staff Attorney

  • Karen Monken

    Associate Director, Pre-Arrival

  • Ayaan Moussa

    Program Associate, Pre-Arrival

  • Theresa Namubiru

    Global Grants Project Specialist

  • Rachel Nusbaum

    Communications Specialist

  • Bethany Orlikowski

    Program Officer, Global Programs

  • Jonathon Orta


  • Leonida Paulin

    International Finance Coordinator

  • Lisa Polakov

    Director, Individual Giving and Development Operations

  • Sherly Postnikov

    Senior Location Specialist

  • Behnaz Radparvar

    Program Manager, Special Programs

  • Tatyana Rapaport

    Associate Director, Grants Management

  • Jessica Reese

    Director, Strategic Partnerships and Institutional Development

  • Alla Shagalova

    Director, HIAS New York

  • Leydi Sosa

    Office Administrator, New York

  • Erin Sullivan

    Resettlement Case Manager, HIAS New York

  • Liz Sweet, Esq.

    Managing Attorney

  • Khalima Taylor

    Accounts Payable Manager

  • Zhanna Veyts

    Director, Digital Strategy and Engagement

  • Simone Walton

    Program Manager, Refugee Resettlement

  • Simon Wettenhall

    Lead Advocate, Asylum Services

  • Yvonne Winer

    Immigration Specialist (AVODAH Corps Member)

  • Sinjin Wright

    Recruitment and Talent Management Associate, Human Resources

  • Amy Yee

    Associate Director, Payroll and Accounting