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To learn more about volunteer opportunities with refugees across the country, please fill out the form below. HIAS will contact you directly once your information is submitted.

For individuals in New York City and Washington, D.C., HIAS offers a growing list of opportunities to support newly resettled refugees and asylum seekers. Please use the comments section in the form below to indicate your interest in any of these programs:

  • Serving as an English language conversation partner with newly resettled refugees and asylum seekers (2-3 hours per week for a year)

  • Participating in a letter writing program to asylum seekers in detention (once a month)

  • Providing pro bono legal assistance to HIAS clients pursuing asylum or other humanitarian protection in the United States (commitment ranges from 25-150 hours, depending on case type)

  • Providing volunteer translation or interpretation for HIAS legal cases (short term opportunities available)
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