Tell Congress: Welcoming Refugees Makes America Stronger


As the Administration implements harsh policies that slam the door on refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers, we must continue to show our support and do what we can to protect and welcome them.

Congress has the authority to maintain the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program at a level proportionate to the global crisis and in line with our capacity, history, and values.

Write to your representatives now and tell them to protect the refugee resettlement program.


Welcoming Refugees Makes America Stronger
Dear Senator/Representative,

More than halfway through the federal fiscal year, we have resettled only 11,000 refugees. At the same point last year, we had resettled over 40,000. We are thousands of refugees behind where we should be in order to even come close to welcoming 45,000 refugees to the United States before the end of this fiscal year.

A safe and secure refugee resettlement program is essential, but the refugees coming to the United States are already the most vetted people coming to this country. Arbitrary obstacles do nothing to make us safer and hurt people who have been forced to flee for their lives.

The American Jewish community would not exist if the United States had not let in people fleeing violence and persecution. We stand with others who also deserve a chance to find safety and rebuild their lives.

As your constituent, I am urging you to take action to protect the United States Refugee Admissions Program before this administration does even more damage to America’s proud tradition of offering safe haven.

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