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What You Can Do Right Now to Protect Asylum Seekers

Jul 05, 2018

Blog Post

Activists rally in support immigrants and to mark World Refugee Day, June 20, 2018 near the United Nations in New York City.

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

On World Refugee Day, President Trump signed an executive order replacing the policy of tearing families apart with the policy of detaining them indefinitely. The new executive order criminalizes asylum seekers for pursuing something that is not only a human right, but is legal under both U.S. and international law.

As a refugee protection agency, HIAS has opposed the policy of family detention for years. Since our founding in the 1880s, we have fought for the rights and protection of the most vulnerable.

As attacks on the asylum program continue, it is essential to take action on behalf of asylum seekers.

Here are some options for what you can do right now:


Call your Members of Congress every single day. If we aren’t sleeping at night, neither should they.

Tell them you oppose the separation of asylum-seeking families and the practice of family detention.

Join or Plan a Protest at an Immigration Detention Center  

Immigrants are being detained all over the countryand likely in areas that are closer than you think.

Use this map of Immigration Detention Facilities from our long-term partners, Freedom For Immigrants, to find out if there’s one near you.  

There are likely rallies and vigils happening in your area. Either join onto those, or contact local immigration organizations and work with them to organize your own. HIAS can also support you in planning vigils and actions. We have content resources, suggested chantsRefugee Welcome signs and more available to you.

Post pictures of yourselves at the protest on the Jews for Refugees Facebook group or tweet them, tagging @HIASrefugees.

The Jews for Refugees Facebook group is a good source of information about upcoming events as well. Please help us to make it maximally useful, by posting information about rallies that you hear about or are planning to attend.

Start or Join an Immigration Detention Visitation Program

See if a visitation program already exists near you. If not, we can help you explore how your community might start one.

Become a Sanctuary Congregation

Click here to download HIAS' updated guide to becoming a sanctuary congregation.

Make a Donation

Donate to HIAS to support our critical ongoing free-of-charge legal services for asylum seekers.

Additionally, Slate has a thorough and up-to-date list of organizations that are working at the border and how to support them. 

To stay up to date on upcoming opportunties for taking action, follow HIAS on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.