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  • Faith-Based Groups Play Critical Role Helping Refugees

    Feb 11, 2021

    Faith-based organizations have been critical in helping integrate refugees into host communities, said leaders of religious groups at a Feb. 9 event organized by HIAS Europe.
  • Crisis in CAR Displaces 200,000

    Feb 04, 2021

    Insecurity in the Central African Republic (CAR) has recently displaced more than 200,000 people and helped form what is perhaps the biggest emerging refugee crisis in the world right now.
  • Refugee Advocates Will Press Biden, Congress For Major Changes

    Jan 29, 2021

    “We cannot be complacent just because Joe Biden is in the White House,” said Naomi Steinberg, HIAS’ vice president of policy and advocacy.
  • Family Separation, Three Years On

    Jan 29, 2021

    Jacob Soboroff, NBC News and MSNBC correspondent and bestselling author, and Sue Kenney-Pfalzer, HIAS’ director for the Border and Asylum Network, discussed the current state of the family separation crisis, the impact it has had, and how organizations like HIAS are using our national legal and asylum networks to fight back.
  • HIAS Report Maps Process for Ending MPP, the “Humanitarian Disaster”

    Jan 27, 2021

    A new HIAS report, “Roadmap to Recovery: A Path Forward after the Remain in Mexico Program” offers comprehensive recommendations on how to end and dismantle MPP. The executive summary of the report was recently shared with the Biden transition team.
  • Resettlement Agencies Across the U.S. Are Ready to Rebuild

    Jan 26, 2021

    As the Trump administration shrank refugee admissions to a trickle, many refugee resettlement organizations shrank as well. Now those groups must repair their ability to welcome new arrivals.
  • Hard Work Ahead to Repair Broken U.S. Asylum System

    Jan 21, 2021

    As the Biden administration prepares to undo the damage done to the immigration system, it will be under pressure to work quickly but it will be hampered by complex issues regarding asylum policies and regulations.
  • The Work Ahead: What's Next For The New Administration

    Jan 20, 2021

    The start of the Biden administration offers new hope for refugees and asylum seekers, but repairing the immigration system will take time and immense effort.
  • Going Deep Into the Guyana Forest to Help Refugees

    Jan 08, 2021

    HIAS Guyana's office opened last year. The country is a relatively new destination for refugees, but the displaced population there has grown rapidly.
  • HIAS and UNHCR Strengthen Long-Standing Partnership

    Dec 22, 2020

    The leaders of HIAS and UNHCR, the U.N. Refugee Agency, signed a memorandum of understanding that will strengthen the decades-long cooperation between the two organizations.