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  • Moving Towards Refugee Inclusion in Ukraine

    Aug 22, 2013

    This week HIAS Ukraine Director Aleksandr Galkin met with Valeria Lutkovska, the Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights, to discuss migration and asylum issues and enhancing collaboration to better protect refugees.
  • Advocating for Refugees in Immigration Reform Debate

    Aug 14, 2013

    For HIAS, the top legislative priority for immigration reform is to streamline the process for admitting certain high-risk refugee groups, including Jews and other religious minorities fleeing Iran. Another is elimination of the one-year filing deadline for asylum applications, which prevents many asylum seekers with a well-founded fear of persecution from receiving protection in the U.S.
  • Kenya Court Vindicates the Rights and Dignity of Urban Refugees

    Aug 08, 2013

    In December 2012, the Kenyan government announced that it intended to send the more than 100,000 refugees living in Nairobi and other cities into refugee camps. The government hoped to eliminate a terrorist threat. But at what cost to the refugees themselves?
  • Because We Are Jewish

    Aug 01, 2013

    What HIAS has done is moved from the “Exodus” period of our first 120 years, in which HIAS focused on bringing Jews from oppression to freedom, to HIAS’s “Leviticus” period, in which we fulfill Jewish values and assist refugees of all faiths and ethnicities based on our own Exodus experiences.
  • The Cinderblock Welcome

    Jul 31, 2013

    After passing through a metal detector and barbed wire fence, visitors to Delaney Hall Detention Facility are greeted by a white cinderblock wall splashed with the word “Welcome!” in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and French. As a summer intern with HIAS, I have spent two days each week at Delaney Hall, serving as an interpreter for the incredible team that provides legal counsel.
  • By adapting to the times, HIAS rescues itself

    Jul 18, 2013

    One could say that the grandchildren of Russian Jewish immigrants helped by HIAS a century ago are now paying it forward, coming to the aid of others in need around the world. 

  • With Few Jews Left to Save, HIAS Aids Non-Jewish Refugees

    Jul 16, 2013

    “If anyone would know about being forced to flee from their homes, the Jews would know,” said Anne Mwangi-Wambugu, HIAS’ country director for Kenya, which has taken in refugees from conflicts in neighboring countries as well as gay refugees subject to persecution elsewhere.

  • HIAS: Redefining Refugee Education

    Jul 15, 2013

    Perhaps the most promising and gratifying news about HIAS is their commitment to helping refugees become educated after ensuring their safety.

  • A Voluntary Deportation of Eritreans from Israel?

    Jul 15, 2013

    Reading about the new procedure that allows voluntary repatriation from detention, one wonders: If the people reported on in the article want to return because they truly want to go home, then why not let them make this decision outside the walls of detention? After all, the result should not be different if this is a genuinely voluntary decision.
  • Colombian Refugees and the Effects of Violence Throughout Latin America

    Jul 11, 2013

    HIAS Latin America helps refugees who have fled Colombia’s decades-old civil war and prolonged internal violence. Since the beginning of the war, more than four million Colombians have been displaced within the country and as many as 750,000 have fled the country as refugees. HIAS’ offices in Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela provide crucial psychological and therapeutic services to Colombian refugees that would otherwise have no access to these types of services.