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  • HS Cares Gives the Gift of Health

    Sep 17, 2018

    HS Cares helps refugees in need with the gift of health and hygiene kits.
  • HIAS Joins Christian Groups to ask for 75,000 Refugees

    Sep 13, 2018

    On September 12th, HIAS representatives and volunteers joined with several major Christian denominations to stand outside the White House and demand the Trump Administration welcome 75,000 refugees in 2019.
  • WATCH: Melanie Nezer's ELI Talk on Home and its Meaning

    Sep 06, 2018

    Watch Senior Vice President for Public Affairs Melanie Nezer's ELI Talk called “The Ground Beneath My Children’s Feet: Refugees and the Jewish Story."
  • WATCH: Witnesses at the Border

    Sep 04, 2018

    Last month, 27 leaders from 17 national Jewish organizations, led by HIAS and the Anti-Defamation League, traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border to get a firsthand look at the crisis affecting families, asylum seekers, and others. This new video follows the group as they bear witness.
  • A Little Help From a Lawyer Can Mean a Lot: Reflections From the Border

    Aug 30, 2018

    HIAS sent a legal delegation of volunteers, staff, attorneys, and translators to the Port Isabel Detention Center in Texas.
  • The Rohingya: One Year Later

    Aug 28, 2018

    August 25th marked a somber anniversary. A year ago, the military and armed militias in Myanmar began a coordinated campaign targeting the Rohingya in Rakhine State. More than 700,000 fled for their lives to neighboring Bangladesh. A new U,N. report calls for six military officials in Myanmar to be prosecuted on genocide charges.
  • HIAS-ADL Jewish Leadership Border Mission

    Jewish Leaders on HIAS-ADL Trip Witness Border Crisis Up Close

    Aug 24, 2018

    Sometimes you have to see things for yourself and that is just what 27 leaders from 17 national Jewish organizations did on August 21-22 as part of a HIAS-ADL led delegation to view firsthand the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Dear Real Person: Writing Letters to Detainees

    Aug 22, 2018

    HIAS volunteers write letters to thousands of detainees.The letters remind detainees that they have not been forgotten.
  • National Jewish Organizations Call on President to Admit 75,000 Refugees in 2019

    Aug 16, 2018

    Today HIAS sent a letter signed by 36 national Jewish organizations to President Trump urging him to allow at least 75,000 refugees to be admitted to the United States in 2019.
  • 270 Elected Leaders Call on President to Admit 75,000 Refugees in 2019

    Aug 09, 2018

    With the end of the federal fiscal year just around the corner, President Trump is expected to soon announce the number of refugees to be admitted to the United States in 2019. This number, known as the Presidential Determination, is decided annually by the President in consultation with Congress, and historically signals to the world the nation’s commitment to help refugees fleeing violence and persecution.