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HIAS Book and Film Club — May 2021

Maine Girls
12:00pm ET
United States

Event Description

This May as the presidential determination for refugee admissions remains at a historic low of 15,000, HIAS is shining a special light on resettlement journeys to showcase the lifesaving work of the United States Refugee Admissions Program. Join us for a HIAS-facilitated interactive discussion of the HIAS Book and Film Club, to discuss the film MAINE GIRLS. In Maine - the whitest state in America - immigrant students are entering public schools in record numbers. But as the population increases, so are the number of hate crimes. Following 13 immigrant and non-immigrant teenage girls, this documentary film explores the important role that young people play in bridging cultural divides.

This will be an interactive discussion, so you are encouraged to watch the film before the meeting. The film is available to rent for a very small fee here.

Advance registration required. Please click here to RSVP.


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