Past Events

16 Sep

HIAS Letter Writing Program
Join HIAS for a monthly program offering compassion and solidarity to asylum seekers in detention through a formal letter writing program with individuals who have requested correspondence, helping them access hope and connection.
16 Sep

Uncertain Times, Certain Fear: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in the COVID-19 Era
Throughout history, times of fear and great anxiety have led to an increase in xenophobia - including antisemitism, anti-immigrant, and anti-refugee sentiment. Join HIAS and ADL for a dynamic conversation about the historic and contemporary intersections of antisemitism and anti-immigrant rhetoric.
10 Sep

The Future of Refugee Resettlement
After years of policy attacks from the Trump Administration, refugee resettlement in the United States looks very different than it once did. Join us to hear how the lowering of the annual cap on refugee admissions has affected our country’s ability to save the lives of tens of thousands of people each year.
09 Sep

From Citizens to Outsiders: Burma’s Path to Genocide
Join HIAS for a virtual tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s new online exhibit “Burma’s Path to Genocide” with former political prisoner and Rohingya activist Wai Wai Nu, exhibit curator Greg Constantine, policy expert Andrea Gittleman, and advocate Hannah Weilbacher.
25 Aug

We Remember, We Act: A Jewish Vigil for the Rohingya Genocide
Please join HIAS, AJWS and the Jewish Rohingya Justice Network for a virtual candlelight vigil for the Rohingya people, commemorating the three-year anniversary of the 2017 mass exodus of the Rohingya people from Burma to Bangladesh.
20 Aug

Vote For Welcome 2020: How to Take Action This Election Season
In the midst of the largest refugee crisis in recorded history, the future of refugee resettlement and the asylum system in the U.S. hinges on the attitudes of the leaders we elect in November. Join us to get up to date on the issues and learn how to take action before November.
19 Aug

California Vote for Welcome: A Statewide Call to Action
Please join HIAS, JFS San Diego, JFS Silicon Valley, and JFCS-East Bay to learn how you can ensure that candidates in races across California state their affirmative support for welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.
18 Aug

Asylum 101: An Introduction to Representing Forcibly Displaced Persons
HIAS is excited to continue our webinar training series for attorneys. The next training in the series, Asylum 101: An Introduction to Representing Forcibly Displaced Persons, will provide an overview of the history of asylum; take an in-depth look at the elements of asylum; discuss best practices for pursuing an asylum claim; review recent policy changes that impact the ability of people to seek asylum; and look at alternatives to asylum for forcibly displaced persons in the United States.