Past Events

10 Jul

Asylum Under Attack: How New Regulations Threaten LA-Based Asylum Seekers & How to Take Urgent Action
Learn how newly proposed regulations threaten asylum as we know it, why defending asylum is at the heart of the Jewish experience, and why doing so is central to addressing systemic racism and inequities in this historic moment.
08 Jul

Asylum in the U.S.: An Urgent Briefing on the Latest Policy Changes
Over the last three years, the Trump administration has made drastic changes to the U.S. asylum system. On this webinar, we’ll hear from Smita Dazzo, HIAS' director of legal services, and Naomi Steinberg, HIAS' vice president of policy and advocacy, about the changes to the U.S. asylum system and how you can help fight back.
30 Jun

Defending Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Trump Era: Advocacy at the U.S.-Mexico Border

HIAS is excited about the launch of our webinar training series for attorneys.

25 Jun

Asylum Seekers on the U.S. Border
In honor of World Refugee Day, Oak Park Temple welcomes HIAS’ Rachel Zoghlin to update us on the status of asylum seekers and refugees on the US-Mexico border.
24 Jun

HIAS Letter Writing Program
Join HIAS for a monthly program offering compassion and solidarity to asylum seekers in detention through a formal letter writing program with individuals who have requested correspondence, helping them access hope and connection.
24 Jun

In Search of Safety: LGBTQ Refugee Protection and HIAS
In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, join HIAS for a webinar where we will honor the resilience and strength of refugees around the world.
23 Jun

Arriving: Refugee Stories from Around the World

In honor of World Refugee Day, join us for an evening of story-sharing with four people who came to the United States as refugees. Learn about the diversity in their experiences along with shared struggles and triumphs as they settled into new lives in a foreign place. Hear stories from the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, Central America, and the African continent and have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with each speaker.

23 Jun

Pride & Welcoming
Join HIAS and the Tzedek (Justice) Council of Congregation Kol Ami to learn about the challenges facing LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers, and how we can take action to protect these vulnerable communities today.