Past Events

12 Jun
In-Person Event
On this year’s World Refugee Day, as forced displacement hits a record-breaking high, celebrate resilience and support resettled families in the Westchester community.

Join us for a facilitated session of the HIAS Book and Film Club on Friday, June 10, 2022 from 12pm-1pm ET to discuss the book Refugee High: Coming of Age in America by Elly Fishman.

Join us for a discussion led by Neal Myerberg about why finding new ways to pass your IRA to the next generation may be especially important now

Join us for a conversation with resettlement professionals and private sponsorship volunteers to hear what’s been changing on the front lines of the refugee response, and what you can do to help.

USCIS applications often have hefty fees that our clients struggle to afford. For example, a family of four applying for employment authorization renewals may have to pay over $1,600. Temporary protected status applications come with a filing fee of $50, plus an additional $85 biometrics fee, and $410 for employment authorization. Many of our clients rely on fee waivers to be able to access these important immigration benefits.