Past Events

HIAS is actively recruiting pro bono attorneys who may be interested in representing refugees and asylees who are ready to become U.S. citizens. This training will be offered free of charge, and will cover the basics of naturalizing, how to put together a naturalization application, and best practices for preparing a client for their interview.
This Women's History Month, join HIAS in honoring the women and girls who show remarkable resilience every day in the face of unparalleled dangers due to conflict and displacement. Hear from HIAS voices around the world and learn about the work they are doing to support refugee women and girls.
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08 Mar
Join HIAS for a monthly program offering compassion and solidarity to asylum seekers in detention through a formal letter writing program with individuals who have requested correspondence, helping them access hope and connection.
Hear from colleagues at HIAS and other organizations working in collaboration with Jewish communities in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the United States in support of and in solidarity with displaced people, and explore how the emergent global Jewish movement for refugees is evolving.
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06 Mar
Group Meeting
Come together with hundreds of fellow refugee advocates and activists across the globe to send out Shabbat with a joyful havdalah service. Together, we will raise our voices in support of displaced people worldwide.
Join us for an in-depth discussion on what the current changes mean for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers today, and our role as a community in preserving their right to seek asylum.