Past Events

Join HIAS to learn how to apply your legal skills to protect a vulnerable asylum seeker seeking protection in our community.

Experienced legal advocates will present on the fundamentals of asylum law and how to effectively prepare an asylum application, legal argument, declaration and supporting evidence.

During Shabbat services, Rabbi Meyer will speak about this staggering crisis and how the United States is responding, as well as learn about the Jewish imperative to take action on behalf of today’s refugees. After services, Rabbi Meyer will lead an interactive text study on the value of welcoming the stranger.
During the Passover Seder, we recite words from the Torah, "My father was a wandering Aramean," inviting us to remember our immigrant and refugee roots as a people.This year, the state of the world gives these words deeper meaning and added significance. Join us for a sixth night Seder Experience, in which we will explore the themes and rituals of the Seder through this lens. This program is designed as an interactive family experience though all are welcome to join. No background in Judaism or Passover necessary!