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The Real Story at the U.S.-Mexico Border

6:00pm ET
United States

Event Description

Please join HIAS’ experts as we go beyond the headlines to explain what is really happening at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

What is the status of human rights at the border? Who is able to seek safety in our country, and who is being turned away from seeking asylum? What do the statistics at the border look like in context?

As HIAS, we firmly stand with the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and we know that you do too.  Please join our border experts to separate facts from misinformation, and learn how we can all advocate for a just and compassionate approach to immigration.


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Sue Kenney-Pfalzer
HIAS Director of Border and Asylum
Andrew Geibel
HIAS Policy Counsel
Moderated by Rebecca Kirzner
HIAS Senior Director of Grassroots Campaigns