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Stories from the Border: January 2022

4:00pm ET
United States

Event Description

As U.S. asylum policy continues to evolve rapidly, so too does the situation for the thousands of individuals and families seeking safety along the U.S.-Mexico border. The ongoing challenges these policies cause continue to create barriers for people trying to access their basic right to seek protection from persecution and violence. People’s lives continue to be in danger because of who they are, and as a result people continue to arrive at the border. HIAS is working  in the U.S. and Mexico  to connect asylum seekers to legal services and help them meet their basic needs. 

In this program, we will discuss the state of play at the border right now; learn what HIAS Border Fellows are seeing and hearing firsthand; gain an understanding of the asylum policies currently in place; and explore how we can take action for justice.

You will hear from HIAS Border Fellows Nico Palazzo and Lindsay Schenk about their on the ground work in El Paso and Brownsville, TX. Sue Kenney Pfalzer, Director, Border and Asylum Network and Gabriela Munoz Cano, Field Coordinator will provide context about where we are now. Andrew Geibel, HIAS Policy Counsel, will provide updates on what asylum policies are currently in place and how you can advocate to change them.