Upcoming Events

Join HIAS' partners T’ruah for a four-part series, with the goal of applying Jewish wisdom, including halakhah (Jewish law), history, ethics, and lived experience, to ethical and human rights questions that have risen in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Join HIAS, J Street, and Amy Spitalnick, Executive Director from Integrity First for America, for a discussion about her organization’s landmark lawsuit against the neo-Nazi and white supremacist leaders and hate groups responsible for the Charlottesville attack, and the interconnectedness of subsequent white supremacist violence.
Mark Hetfield, President and CEO of HIAS, discusses the current state of immigration policy, and what the government could be doing to reform it, with WBUR reporter Shannon Dooling in an event hosted by the Vilna Shul.
Join us for a special program on the global refugee crisis, featuring Rebecca Kirzner, Senior Director Grassroots Campaigns at HIAS; Manny Lindenbaum, Holocaust survivor and former HIAS client; and Ahed Festuk, one of Syria's pioneer women demonstrators.
HIAS is excited about the continuation of our webinar training series for attorneys. We will provide a brief refresher of the elements of asylum, review major LGBTQ asylum cases, and take an in-depth look at pursuing asylum claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity.