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Zooming In: Perspectives on the Global Jewish Movement for Refugees

1:30pm ET
United States

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Event Description

Individual and community involvement can make a tremendous difference in the lives of refugees, asylum seekers, and the forcibly displaced. Yet, when confronted with the fact that there are now over 80 million displaced people in the world, it is easy to be overwhelmed – to assume that as individuals there is little we can do to address the root causes of displacement or to support those seeking safety. But there is so much we can do to make a meaningful difference. 

Join us for an afternoon conversation about how global Jewish communities are doing just this. We’ll hear from colleagues at HIAS and other organizations working in collaboration with Jewish communities in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the United States in support of and in solidarity with displaced people, and explore how the emergent global Jewish movement for refugees is evolving.


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Sabrina Lustgarten
Country Director, HIAS Ecuador
Sivan Carmel
Country Director, HIAS Israel
Ilan Cohen
Country Director, HIAS Europe
Elise Herzig
Executive Director, JIAS Toronto
Moderated by Merrill Zack
HIAS Vice President for Community Engagement