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HIAS Book and Film Club - August 2020

12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT
United States


Join Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer for an interview and community conversation with prize-winning poet and writer Harriet Levin Millan about her novel How Fast Can You Run.

This powerful novel is based on the life of Michael Majok Kuch, a South Sudanese refugee who Millan met in Philadelphia through her teaching job at Drexel University and helped reunite with his family. In addition to learning more about Michael’s story and how his story connects to the stories of the nearly 80 million displaced people worldwide, we will also explore the intersections between racial justice and immigrant justice and the way in which standing with contemporary refugees can reconnect us to our own family histories and stories.

Advance registration required. Click here to register (free) and for more information about where to access the book.


Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer
Rabbi-In-Residence at HIAS
Harriet Levin Millan
Harriet Levin Millan
Author of “How Fast Can You Run”