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Refugee Resilience and Mental Health During COVID-19

12:00pm ET
United States

Event Description

There are 80 million displaced persons in the world today, more than any other time in our history. Hailing from countries with extreme hardships in the form of war, dictatorships, and oppression, refugees often rebuild their lives despite the adversities they have faced. Many of them have found themselves unable to meet their basic needs even before the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, the stress of lockdowns and unemployment has made a difficult situation feel almost insurmountable.

One of the main pillars of HIAS’ work is to help these refugees cope with psychological distress so they can better integrate into their new communities. Join us on Tuesday, October 13 to mark World Mental Health Day, and learn more about how HIAS and our partners build community-based mental health programming for refugees, and how this work has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Mental Health Day is October 10th, and this year's theme is "Move for Mental Health: Let’s Invest." This campaign offers opportunities for all of us to do something life-affirming: as individuals, to take concrete actions in support of our own mental health, and to support friends and family who are struggling; as employers, to take steps toward putting programs in place for employee wellness; as governments, to commit to establishing or scaling-up mental health services; and as journalists, to tell the world what more can and must be done to make mental health a reality for everyone.


Lucy Kiama
Director of HIAS Kenya
Annie Bonz
Director of Resilience Programs
Shrina Eadeh
Director of Resettlement Services at JFS Ann Arbor
Betre Getahun
Employment Case Manager at JFS Ann Arbor