How to Take Action for Asylum Seekers

Children in detention. Family separation. Denial of a fair and humane asylum process. The crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is a moral one, and it is time for each of us to take a stand for the rights, dignity, and lives of those seeking safety in our country.

Here's how you can take action with HIAS and our partner organizations:


Now is the time to raise your voice in support of the rights, dignity, and safety of asylum seekers.


Volunteers are needed at the border and in communities around the country. 


Make an in-kind or financial donation to support the work of HIAS and our partners


  • Learn about the U.S. asylum system today by downloading HIAS' printable four-page backgrounder
  • Watch our video to learn about asylum, and to hear the stories of our clients in ther own words.
This page, as well as HIAS’ general Take Action page, is updated regularly and we encourage you to check back frequently. Also, news and information are posted frequently on the Jews for Refugees Facebook page.