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In-Kind Giving Opportunities

In-kind donations help HIAS to continue its important work on behalf of refugees worldwide. In-kind giving--contributions of goods and services--can immediately impact the lives of newly arrived refugees, as well as asylum seekers, and we welcome your help.*

Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles

HIAS has partnered with Miles4Migrants (M4M), a nonprofit charity dedicated to using donated frequent flyer miles and money for the relocation of refugees and those seeking asylum--including families recently separated at the U.S.-Mexico border--to start a new beginning in a new home. HIAS and Miles4Migrants (M4M), will work to identify refugees and asylum seekers who need assistance purchasing airfare to reunite with their families.

Donate your frequent flyer miles here.

Help HIAS Clients Get to Appointments

Depending on where HIAS clients live, navigating to and from various immigration, medical, and employment-based appointments can be both time consuming and beyond their means. By purchasing an Uber gift card for a HIAS client, you will assist refugees and asylum seekers in a tangible, practical way. To give an Uber gift card to help a HIAS client, please purchase one on the Uber website and email the digital gift card to (Please make sure to indicate in the message if you would like a tax-exempt receipt.)

Buy an Uber gift card here.

Help HIAS Clients with Housing

HIAS is partnering with Airbnb through their Open Homes social impact platform, which connects displaced persons in need of temporary housing to community members who have available space to share. To learn more about this program, visit the Open Homes webpage. Select “Offer your space” to begin creating a listing. (If you have an existing listing on Airbnb, you will be given the option to check a box indicating your interest in making it available as an Open Home.) Please note:

  • If you want to host refugees, including but not limited to HIAS clients, please make sure to select “Refugee relief.”

  • By listing your home on Airbnb Open Homes, your listing will be available to other nonprofits, not just to HIAS. It is up to you to decide which bookings you accept or decline.

  • If a HIAS staff member reaches out through Open Homes to request a booking, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with them, set expectations, and confirm logistics before anything is finalized.

  • You can offer your entire home, or just a spare room.

  • You choose who stays at your place, get to ask questions, hear more about each guest, and agree on the length of stay before anything is official.

Open up your space as a safe haven by clicking here.

Donate New and Gently Used Items

Donations of furniture and household items are needed from time-to-time, depending on specific client needs. If you are interested in giving in-kind to these periodic requests, please select the region in which you would like to donate to below and register for a volunteer e-newsletter to become aware of these requests.

To learn about furniture and household donation needs in New York City, click here and fill out a volunteer application to register for our New York City e-newsletter.

To learn about furniture and household donation needs in the Greater D.C. Area, click here and fill out a volunteer application to register for our Greater D.C. Area e-newsletter.

*Please note, at this time our offices are only able to accommodate furniture and household donations for our clients’ specific needs. These needs will be fulfilled solely through our volunteer e-newsletters and we cannot respond to individual email inquiries.

If you live outside the New York and Greater D.C. areas and have furniture and household items you would like to donate, please contact to be referred to a HIAS affiliate or other resettlement agency in your area.