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The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for people around the world, but even if we are not able to work and gather as usual, there are still many ways to learn about, advocate for and help refugees and asylum seekers around the world. Briefing calls with HIAS’ refugee experts and partners in the field, the HIAS Book and Film Club, and educational and training opportunities for Welcome Campaign members are just some of our @Home programs and activities. Please check back to this page as we expand and update our offerings.

Briefing Calls, Webinars, and Trainings

Join HIAS experts and our partners in the fields of refugee protection and Jewish social justice for timely updates on  the pressing issues that  displaced people face. Upcoming offerings include:

Click here to listen to recordings of past briefing calls.

For additional upcoming trainings, briefing calls, and educational opportunities, please visit our event page.

Welcome Campaign Congregation Opportunities

In this 3-part webinar series, HIAS Welcome Campaign congregations can learn about the global refugee and asylum crisis, explore Jewish text that can guide our response, and craft an action plan for your congregation. This series is open only to Welcome Campaign congregations. By signing up, you are committing to bringing at least 5 congregants to each session. Check here to see if your congregation is on the list and/or for more information on joining. Please email Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer at rachel.grant.meyer@hias.org if you are interested in signing your congregation up to participate in this series.

Book and Film Club

For those who wish to start a book or film club on their own, HIAS encourages you to use the HIAS Book and Film list to select a book or film to read or view (your choice!). Next, invite a group of 5-10 friends to join you in reading or watching your selection. Set a date 4-6 weeks out to have a Zoom discussion of your book or film. Register your book or film club here.

For those who wish to take part in a guided experience, HIAS will offer a guided book or film discussion (we will switch between a book and a film from month to month) with a staff member. Guided discussions will take place in the middle of each month, at which time the book or film for the next month will also be announced. Discussion groups will be capped at 20 participants. The first guided film discussion (the film will be Credible Fear  - enter password CredibleFearFilm2019) will take place Friday, May 15t at noon ET. The first guided book discussion (the book will be Exit West by Mohsin Hamid) will take place Friday, June 19 at noon ET. 

  • Sign Up for a discussion of Exit West on June 19.

Coffee Talk Online

Beginning on Monday, May 11, join the Jews4Refugees Facebook group and look out for the weekly “Coffee Talk” thread to discuss short articles and films with other activists to stay up to date on the issues confronting displaced people.

For advocacy and volunteer opportunities, including significant remote pro-bono opportunities, visit hias.org/take-action

To learn more about our about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, visit hias.org/covid-19-response