HIAS Election Campaign

Make a Difference for Refugees During the 2018 Election

Our strategy:

  • To educate candidates about the importance of refugee protection, and ask them to take a public stance on the issue of refugee resettlement to the U.S.

  • To raise the profile of refugee issues during the 2018 midterm elections.

Our goal:

  • Candidates in races at all levels of government make on-the-record positive position statements on refugees, ensuring that officials elected to office will have a higher level of knowledge about and commitment to refugees from their first day in office.

We can’t do it without you. Here’s how.

Join the Campaign

We can make a difference for refugees by making sure that the next Congress is educated about the refugee program, and knows it is a priority for their constituents. Start by filling out this survey to let us know where you live, who is running in your area, and how you plan to reach out to them. Not sure yet? No problem - just answer what you can.

Get Connected

No need to invent the wheel - we have lots of resources and knowledge to share with you. Join a call on October 3, at 1:00pm EST to hear from HIAS staff about the "Vote for Welcome" campaign, and ask all your questions. You can sign up here.

Strategy 1: Candidate Education

Reach out to candidates who are running for office in your area and talk to them about your support for refugees. You can set up a meeting, speak with them at a public event, and more. Click here for a toolkit on how to do those thingsYour goal? Ask them to publicly state their support for the refugee program.

Strategy 2: “Missing Neighbors" Poster Campaign

The number of refugees currently being allowed into the country is heartbreakingly low. Make sure your neighbors, community members, and fellow voters understand that with the "Missing Neighbors" poster campaign. We're asking you to hang posters around your neighborhood during the last two weeks of October, then spread the word through social media.

Strategy 3: National Refugee Shabbat

There is deep support for the refugee program in the American Jewish community, and we will demonstrate that with National Refugee Shabbat in nearly 200 communities around the country on October 19-20 - right before the election. Ask your synagogue or community to join or you can participate as an individual. Together we can send a powerful message.

Final Results

Did you participate in any of the strategies above?  Did they succeed in catching the attention of candidates running for office?  Let us know by filling out our final survey