HIAS Responds to the Crisis in Ukraine

Updated May 16

People near then Hungarian-Ukrainian border, 24 Feb 2022.

HIAS is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and neighboring countries and is responding with emergency humanitarian assistance to those who are displaced.

Across Europe, HIAS is responding to the many needs of Ukrainian refugees and helping with the immediate needs of internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

HIAS Ukraine Crisis Answers to Frequently Asked Questions—Updated

NEW—Humanitarian Parole for Ukrainians I-134 Toolkit

There is much concern for the safety of the staff of HIAS' long-time partner on the ground in Ukraine, Right to Protection (R2P), who have aided refugees and displaced persons since 2013. HIAS has rushed emergency funding to R2P, an independent NGO, to assist their response. R2P specialists are providing legal assistance; operating a hotline to provide information about services, evacuation, and refugee status; conducting protection monitoring at checkpoints and monitoring visits to those who have not left their home; and also distributing food and supplies. 

The UN Refugee Agency reports that more than 6 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the war began, making it the fastest-moving refugee crisis in Europe since the end of WWII. UNHCR says there are 8 million internally displaced people in Ukraine and around 13 million people have been affected in the areas hardest hit by the war within Ukraine and are in need of humanitarian and protection assistance. Before the war, it estimated that in Ukraine there were already at least 1.6 million conflict-affected persons.

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