HIAS Sukkot Resources 2016/5777

Each year, we recreate the huts in which our Israelite ancestors found refuge after escaping slavery in Egypt and wandering in the desert for 40 years. Sukkot allows us time to recognize our own fragility and reminds us that, for so many, shelter remains impermanent.

Today, 65 million refugees and displaced people still wander the earth in search of a safe place to call home. This Sukkot, invite five of these individuals into your sukkah to tell their stories by printing and hanging their photos and accompanying narrative, which you can download below.

Vertical 11x17 Version – Set of 5


Horizontal 8.5x11 version – Set of 5


Tips for Using the Exhibit

There are two sets of the posters available for you to choose from depending on your printing capabilities. One version is meant to be printed on 8.5x11 paper and the other on 11x17 paper. Both contain an introductory page to hang with the exhibit that explains the connection between Sukkot and the contemporary refugee crisis, as well as some background information about HIAS. The 8.5x11 set also comes with a hanging guide.

If you are hanging these in your congregational sukkah, you may want to consider bringing the file to a copy shop to have them print the stories and photos on card stock or poster board.

Directions for Optional Social Media Action

For both versions, we have created a poster that says, “This Sukkot, We Stand With Refugees.”

We encourage you to take a selfie with your community holding up this poster and standing in front of the stories and narratives hanging in your sukkah.

Be sure to share your picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, tag @HIASRefugees, and use the hashtag #JewsforRefugees in your post. Please also consider emailing your picture to Rebecca Kirzner at rebecca.kirzner@hias.org.