Hear the Call, Heed the Call

This High Holiday season, Hear the Call to welcome and Heed the Call to create a more just world in which refugees and asylum seekers can rebuild their lives in safety and with dignity.


Sign this petition and add your voice to the thousands of American Jews calling on the Trump administration to return our annual refugee admissions goal to the historic annual average of 95,000 for 2021. Together, let’s ensure that this new year is one in which we fulfill our Jewish obligation and our American tradition of welcome.


Download a special reading to utilize if you are leading High Holiday services this year or as a source of personal inspiration during your High Holiday observances. Available below as part of a calendar containing dates of major Jewish holidays and refugee-oriented observances or printer-friendly version with just the reading.

Calendar + Reading



For our volunteers, advocates, activists, and leaders, consider using these 10 questions to reflect on your work in support of refugees and asylum in the year now ending and your hopes for the year to come.