Honor Refugees This International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 and press for gender parity across the globe, let's remember to honor refugee women and girls who face unparalleled dangers and show remarkable strength every day.

Share these graphics on social media to show solidarity with refugee women and girls this International Women's Day.




Due to conflict in their home countries and the instability inherent in the migration process, women and girls are subject to harm and abuse, and often lack access to safety, education, health care, and economic opportunities. HIAS assists refugee women and girls across Africa, Latin America and Europe.

In refugee camps, rural areas, and cities, we provide women or girls-only spaces where they learn financial, vocational and life skills, and build a network of peers they can rely on. We build girls' self-esteem and their ability to negotiate, communicate, and respond to risk -- and ensure they have access to HIAS' mental health professionals. We also engage families and partners in building positive relationships, and work with faith and community leaders to mobilize people to stand up to violence committed by men against women and girls.

Refugee women and girls have the right to rebuild meaningful lives in safety and dignity. We honor them today and will continue to fight for their future.