“Missing Neighbors” Poster Campaign

posterThe United States is slamming its doors on refugees. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are desperate to live a safe life in communities such as yours, but instead are still in dangerous conditions abroad because the current administration is determined to keep them out.

Our neighbors are missing – people we could be welcoming with open arms. They are people who could be living in the apartment building down the street, working in your favorite bakery, or attending kindergarten with your kid. But instead they are still in peril.

Help us to raise awareness of the fact that the U.S. refugee program is under attack. This is a project you can do alone - or you can cover more ground by putting together a small team.


1. Print copies of the “Missing Neighbors” poster. Separate the tabs by cutting along the dotted lines.  

2. Hang the posters all around your neighborhood.

3. Take a picture of one of the posters.

4. Post your photo on social media (especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #MissingNeighbors and tagging @HIASrefugees).  

Eg: “We want to welcome refugees to become part of our community in Philly, but instead, we are #MissingNeighbors. The U.S. should welcome refugees!”

5. Make an ask by tagging your elected officials and/or candidates running for office in your area.  Ask them to make a public statement in support of refugees.

Eg:  Our Philadelphia community wants to welcome refugees.  @CandidateName, will you stand for welcome? #MissingNeighbors


We want to hear how it goes!  Please send your questions, comments, ideas, photos, or feedback to rebecca.kirzner@hias.org.