Our move overseas

Story posted on May 28, 2013 at 5:14 AM

My family and I have moved a lot throughout our life, and I have decided to share my story with you.

When I was finishing up studying at a University, I was pregnant. Life hasn't been the easiest but me and my wonderful husband had a beautiful little baby girl. After we had her, we both had to find jobs because we both just got out of school and needed to support ourselves and a child.

In Ukraine, jobs weren't the easiest thing to find, but I have found one working in a bank and my husband started working as an engineer. We made enough to have a steady life, but we were never truly happy. So we have decided that we needed to move.

My husband always wanted to live in Canada or America; it was a dream we both have shared. We loved hearing of America stories and people that would move there, but we never knew how to make our dream a reality. Since my husband's family was partly Jewish, we have decided that it would be possible to move to Israel.

Israel seemed better then Ukraine and we loved living there. The country is truly amazing and we loved every moment that we lived there. While in Israel we had our second child, a gorgeous baby boy. My husband first worked in a restaurant but then got a job as an engineer and life started looking up even more.

But with all the greatness, we still weren't fully satisfied and happy. Israel was too hot and too small, so we started immigrating to Canada. While that process was going on, my husband had won a Green Card to the U.S and he was also offered a job over there. At first we were unsure of what to do, so we took our family and moved to Canada. Canada was beautiful and was a very big change from Israel. it was snowing and it was cold. My husband had a very hard time finding a job in Canada—it was practically impossible. They didn't have lots of engineering jobs in big corporations, so we have decided that we will move to the U.S and see what that's like.

Since my husband was offered a job in U.S before, life seemed to be good. We were buying things that we couldn't before and we had more freedom with our money, and so we have decided to stay. We currently live in California, and everything is perfect here.  We have lots of Russian friends, and they have become our family. We love our life here.