Regina Ovcharek's Story

Story posted on October 2, 2009 at 4:41 PM

I grew up in an anti-Semitic country, former USSR, where they treated us as non-ample people, where we felt blame fro being Jews. I didn't want this life for my children and grandchildren, and once the opportunity came around my family left this country with no money and language. It was very difficult because we had lived half a century in that country. When we came we didn't understand the people and their system of life, and had to start a new life. When I visited a psychiatrist for the first time he said, Don't explain anything to me. I myself grew up in a family of immigrants and saw how my parents and grandparents felt'. Both my husband and I started medical treatment. Now after so many years, I understand the language and the people, and they understand me. Now I am proud of my new country. But somewhere at the bottom of my heart I am still a little girl from my past who need support of the same people as I am. That's why I am happy we are singing in the Russian choir.